Maestro Mukhallat #1 - cologne alternative


Inspiration from my grandfather and father again on this one. They were some of the most dapper and hip cats you could imagine. Real deal musicians each from different eras from big band to avante garde. I imagine what they would think of this fragrance? Neither of them lived to try any of my fragrances but I often invoke them whilst composing.

Sweet cambodhi Oudh
Benzoin resin
Amber white
Indian oudh
Grey ambergris
Australian sandalwood
Himalayan deer musk

*READ CAREFULLY* Sizes and prices may vary due to availability. The listing photo may not be the size that you select. Photos of the available sizes can be seen in the listing. Please feel free to ask questions if you don't know what size to choose. Please be aware most of our blends are highly concentrated uncut oils and they may cause skin irritation. Do a small test on your wrist and discontinue use if any irritation occurs. You may choose to dilute the oil with a carrier to avoid such an event. No liability shall be assumed by us do to your misuse or use of our oils.

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