Deodar Oud Attar - essential oil blend-attar fragrance


*READ CAREFULLY* Sizes and prices may vary due to availability. Also be aware that the listing photo may not be the size that you select. Please feel free to ask questions if you are unsure of what size is what. Please be aware most of our blends are highly concentrated uncut oils (and although it is rare) they may cause skin irritation. Always dilute and do a small test on your wrist, discontinue use if any irritation occurs. You may find that the oils last all day and can be diluted with a carrier oil at your discretion. External use only, avoid contact with eyes and please keep out of reach of children. These fragrances are not meant to be ingested and we assume zero liability do to misuse.


Himalayan Cedarwood is known to be very relaxing and makes up the base for this attar. Himalayan Cedarwood is extracted from the cedar trees in the Himalayan Mountains. The Himalayan variety of Cedarwood oil is slightly sweeter and has heavier middle notes than the Atlas cedarwood. As far as the quality is concerned, the Indian Sandalwood (Santalum Album) is considered the best and that's what we used here. Sandalwood is widely known for it's meditative and grounding qualities. Lastly we added a Thai Oudh which gives the attar some resinous and earthy notes. Also known as agarwood , the heartwood of this tree is revered for its deep resinous nature. Oudh has an epic charisma that has been used across the globe for its mystical and therapeutic properties.

Himalayan cedarwood

Indian Sandalwood

Thai oud

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